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Site Map Implementation

Site Map Implementation

A Site Map is an Important art of the SEO Process.

  • XML Site Map File Generation
  • Site Map Submission to Google and Yahoo
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Google Site Maps

Years back, the traditional way to get your site indexed on Google was to wait.,, and wait.. and wait. It can take Google months to completely index a site, and then only if there are other sites that link to it. Google has launched a new system allowing you to tell Google about your site.

With a Site Map, you get to tell Google what pages, images etc. are on your site, and Google will use this information to index your site in days, instead of months.

What About Yahoo?

In response to Google’s Sitemaps system, Yahoo has released a much simplified version called Yahoo URL Lists. A file is submitted containing the links and URLs included in your site and is used in a similar fashion as Google Sitemaps to index your site.